Maven aims to fill major gaps in women’s healthcare and support for working mothers with an online platform that gives women on-demand access to the health services they need.

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From OB-GYNs to nutritionists, mental health specialists to lactation consultants, Maven connects its users with doctors and other healthcare professionals via online consultations, video appointments and private messaging. It also provides employers with specialized plans for their employees.

Maven was launched in 2015 by founder and CEO Kate Ryder, a former journalist turned venture capitalist who saw a pressing need for fertility, maternity, and return-to-work care  for women and new parents in the workforce.

To date, Maven has built a network of more than 1,200 highly-vetted practitioners and has delivered care to more than 150,000 patients.

"I’ve seen firsthand how gender imbalance in healthcare boardrooms negatively affects care for women — and also what we can do to change things."
Kate Ryder, CEO of Maven