We invest in FEMALE

founders + funders


At GingerBread Capital, we invest in female founders leading high-growth-potential businesses, and in emerging funds led by women and underrepresented managers. We help them gain access to the knowledge, networks and capital they need to build and scale successful enterprises, and we encourage others to do the same.

GBC's Ita Ekpoudom with Halogen Ventures' Jesse Draper
Iman Abuzeid (r), Co-founder + CEO of Incredible Health at Fortune's 2022 Most Powerful Women Conference
“Venture capitalists are bombarded with requests for their time. Getting a warm intro from a strong connection is invaluable both for getting in the door and also for the 'halo effect' it gives you [for] that first meeting.”

Iman Abuzeid - Co-founder + CEO, Incredible Health

Investment Criteria

Exceptional Founders + Funders

Visionary, dynamic founders and funders with excellent execution skills who possess high conviction, passion, grit, and drive

Differentiated Business Model

great concept and an irresistible business model that clearly demonstrate a true need, an identifiable market and a competitive advantage

Technology Enabled

Technology-enabled, where automation, AI and data analytics propel the brand, revenues and customer satisfaction


go-to-market approach that builds customers today and has the potential to be much, much larger in the future

Our Story

Why we invest in women.

We invest in female founders and in emerging funds because it’s great for the economy, for business (theirs and ours), and for building a better future.

Linnea with GBC Investment Team Partners Ita Ekpoudom + Katherine Rice
Linnea Roberts

Throughout her life, Linnea Roberts has focused on creating more opportunities for women to excel in business and finance. After retiring from a successful, 30-year career on Wall Street, Roberts launched GingerBread Capital in 2016 to support women in business, as entrepreneurs and as investors.

“Increasing the number of women on the cap tables of female founders is a big part of our mission.”

— Linnea Roberts


What's the story with our name?

Linnea attributes her entrepreneurial drive and commitment to supporting women to her mother Ginger Conrad, for whom GingerBread Capital is named. Ginger worked in publishing while raising four children as a single mom, and later founded and published a national magazine, MBE, which promotes business ownership and entrepreneurial development for minorities and women as a means to building wealth, jobs and stronger communities. Ginger retired after 27 years at the helm. Ginger continues enjoying an active life and her favorite pursuits—reading, the opera, and spending time with family, friends and her 10 grandchildren. In 2023, she celebrated her 90th birthday.

Meet Our Team
Linnea with her mother Ginger at her 90th birthday celebration