Our Mission

At GingerBread Capital, we invest in the next generation of women founders and entrepreneurs leading high-growth businesses. We help women gain access to the knowledge, networks and capital they need to build and scale successful enterprises, and we encourage other women to do the same.

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Our Story

Why We Invest In Women

Throughout her career in finance, GingerBread Capital founder Linnea Roberts has focused on creating more opportunities for women to excel in business and finance. Now, Roberts has turned her sights on supporting women in business, as entrepreneurs and as investors. GingerBread Capital, which she launched after retiring from Goldman Sachs in 2016, is the culmination of Roberts’ love for tackling business challenges, and her passion for helping women gain access to the capital they need to grow their businesses, as well as provide opportunities for other women investors to support women founders.

Linnea with her mother Ginger.
What's Behind the Name?
“I genuinely believe we’re missing important opportunities to invest in businesses that are better understood by women. There are big untapped markets that women are thinking about much more aggressively that deserve to be funded."
Linnea Roberts
"We want to get more women to see investing in women as an economic opportunity."
- Linnea Roberts
"The dearth of capital flowing to female founders and in the hands of female investors can also be seen as our industry's biggest opportunity areas."
Ita Ekpoudom, GingerBread Capital
"The development of minority and women-owned businesses is the cornerstone in building strong, healthy communities in which each member has the opportunity to live to his or her fullest potential. We will achieve our goal when economic parity is a reality, when every individual, regardless of race or sex, will be judged solely on his or her merit."
Ginger Conrad, MBE Publisher's Page, 1994
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What We Do

  • Invest & Advise

    We make early stage through later-stage growth capital investments in women founders and women-led businesses to help them scale and succeed.

  • Mentor & Educate

    We help the next generation of women entrepreneurs in navigating the venture and funding community.

  • Connect & Promote

    We provide a network for women investors, encouraging women to invest in women.

What We're Looking For

Quality Founders

Visionary, dynamic founders with exceptional execution skills who possess high conviction, passion and drive

Differentiated Business Model

A great concept, and an irresistible business model that clearly demonstrates a true need, an identifiable market and a competitive advantage


Technology-enabled, where automation, AI and data analytics propel the brand, revenues and customer satisfaction


A go-to-market approach that builds customers today and has the potential to be much, much larger in the future


Helpful resources and networks for women founders and investors.