Incredible Health

Incredible Health

Incredible Health connects hospitals with nurses and other high-shortage healthcare professionals to dramatically speed up the hiring process.

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Using the latest in automation, data and recruiting technology, Incredible Health is able to provide a fantastic experience for both sides, while addressing its customers’ mission-critical needs–having enough exceptional staff to deliver top quality care to patients, while also driving revenue and reducing costs.

Co-Founder & CEO Iman Abuzeid, MD teamed up with partner Rome Portlock to launch Incredible Health in early 2017. Portlock, the company’s CTO, has a computer science degree from MIT and experience building digital solutions for large companies. Abuzeid, Incredible Health’s self-described “business nerd,” holds an MD, received her MBA from Wharton and has a background in product management for health tech start-ups.

With her medical background and three surgeons in her immediate family, Abuzeid intimately understands the critical staffing needs of hospitals and clinicians, and is committed to providing a cost-effective, reliable solution for bringing great talent and employers together.

“This is the best time in history to be a female CEO. Do whatever it takes to win, and help others as much as you can!”
Iman Abuzeid, MD, Co-Founder & CEO