A digital investment platform built by women, catering to women’s lives and financial goals.

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Ellevest, the financial investment platform for women, offers personalized investing plans, executive coaching and a host of financial and investment products tailored to a woman’s individual profile and money goals.

From a gender-smart investing algorithm (as opposed to the supposedly “gender-neutral” investment industry that actually defaults to men’s preferences, salaries, career paths and lifespans) to bespoke portfolios for private wealth clients, Ellevest also provides the option to invest for impact and in other women.

Ellevest was co-founded in 2016 by Sallie Krawcheck and tech entrepreneur Charlie Kroll. A powerhouse in finance, Krawcheck, who holds an MBA from Columbia Business School, held stints as CEO of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management and Trust, Citi Wealth Management, Smith Barney and Sanford & Bernstein. She also was chief financial officer at Citi.