Incredible Health co-founder Iman Abuzeid, MD shares detailed insights and guidance on how she raised $15 million in Series A funding from top-tier venture capital funds — and what other founders need to consider when looking for outside capital for their businesses.

Incredible Health co-founder Iman Aduzeid, MD (3rd from right) with her team (photo courtesy

“Before you begin raising, consider and understand the pressures and expectations,” Iman notes.

“If you raise money from venture funds, they will expect rapid growth and most likely will want to be heavily involved with the management of your company. Venture backers will also expect you to hire quickly and scale up fast in many or all aspects of your business.

“Is that what you and your co-founder(s) want? If not, you might want to look to raise another form of financing or simply use your revenue to fuel growth.”

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