At GingerBread Capital, we invest in the next generation of women founders and entrepreneurs leading high-growth businesses. We help women-led businesses gain access to the knowledge, networks and capital they need to build and scale successful enterprises, and we encourage other women to do the same.

Companies We Invest In

Incredible Health

A recruitment and job matching platform that makes it easier for hospitals to find and hire nurses for their critical staffing needs.

Learn from co-founder Iman Abuzeid how Incredible Health raised $15M in Series A funding from top-tier VC funds.


Sweeten helps consumers “renovate fearlessly” by matching the best general contractors to their big projects.

Read the latest news.


Goldieblox is a multimedia company that challenges gender stereotypes and makes learning STEM skills fun. Its newly released Maker Kits teach STEM skills through fun DIY Projects.

Read the latest news.


Making it easy to source and license content from anywhere on the Internet.

Read our exclusive Q&A with founder & CEO Analisa Goodin on the GingerSnaps blog.  


A digital investment platform built by women, for women. Ellevest recently raised $33 million in a funding round.

Read founder Sallie Krawcheck's commentary.


Node is using the predictive power of AI to help businesses large and small fuel growth and make better decisions.

Read the latest press coverage of Node's new Artificial Intuition platform.
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“We are building a portfolio of diverse sets of founders and industries.”
Linnea Roberts, Gingerbread Capital
"We want to get more women to see investing in women as an economic opportunity."
- Linnea Roberts
"The dearth of capital flowing to female founders and in the hands of female investors can also be seen as our industry's biggest opportunity areas."
Ita Ekpoudom, GingerBread Capital
"We have one singular mission: to increase the number of women on the cap tables of female founders.”
- Linnea Roberts
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