Chewse is a San Francisco-based corporate catering service that delivers personalized, family-style meals at the office.

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Partnering with top-rated local restaurants, Chewse specializes in meal planning that accommodates the dietary restrictions and restaurant preferences of its clients’ employees.

More than just catering high-quality food, Chewse designs every meal with the intent to foster a sense of community and authentic connection among co-workers. Whether it’s meeting over breakfast, lunch or dinner, snack time or happy hour, Chewse operates on the belief that “teams that eat together, thrive together.”

Chewse was founded by Tracy Lawrence in 2011, the same year she graduated from the University of Southern California with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Her background in the hospitality industry included an award-winning mobile app she launched during her senior year that allowed students to access discounts offered by local restaurants. She also spent two years as a food-tasting tour guide in Los Angeles acquainting both local residents and tourists with the history and culinary delights of the city’s ethnically diverse neighborhoods.

Chewse currently caters to businesses in San Francisco, Oakland, and Los Angeles.

"With so many women supporting women and their heart-focused leadership as founders and CEOs that talented employees want, women can meaningfully elevate the cultures and products of technology companies globally."
Tracy Lawrence, Co-Founder & CEO, Chewse