Our Year-End News: And the future belongs to…

Dear Friends,

To paraphrase the late, great Eleanor Roosevelt:

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

That sums up nicely much of what we’ve learned–and reaffirmed–in 2021. Not a month of the last 12 (or 24) has gone by without requiring that we step up, pivot, stay the course, be strong, and keep the faith. The one thing we can predict with any certainty is that those maxims will continue to guide us for, well, forever. The other thing we’re sure of is, those maxims guide every successful founder we know.

In case you missed our last newsletter, you can still find our Q3 news–and our new team photos, like the ones above!–on the GingerSnaps blog. Since then, we’ve had more good news we want to share with you before wrapping up Q4.

With 77 companies (and counting) to date in the GingerBreadCap portfolio, we were proud to be among the investors in Series A fundraising rounds announced in the past month by two women-led startups:

Dragonboat ($12M), a product portfolio platform that empowers product teams to connect objectives with initiatives, build data-driven roadmaps, integrate with engineering tools for execution, and inform future iterations with past results all in one place; and

Proov ($9.7M), which offers patented at-home testing systems, including the only FDA cleared at-home test to measure progesterone metabolite PdG, to help women understand and act on their hormones. When used with the Proov Insight app, its easy tests provide a science-backed fertility coach right in your hand.

GingerBread Capital was also in the news. Earlier this month, Entrepreneur Magazine ran a terrific profile of Founder/CEO Linnea Roberts about why it’s a good bet for more women to invest in women founders. Writer Mita Mallick did a great job and it’s definitely worth a read!

Linnea also was featured in a webinar video with founder Naomi Shah of Meet Cute about why GingerBread Capital invested in Naomi’s media startup, which offers podcasts of short rom-com stories featuring diverse characters and situations (time-traveling matchmakers, anyone?). Naomi’s raised $9.3M to date and this convo, hosted by All Raise, has some great nuggets for any founder seeking VC investments.

Speaking of supporting women founders, we published our First Annual Holiday Buying Guide, featuring companies in our portfolio that offer great gift ideas–and not just for the holidays! How better to support women-led businesses any time of the year than to become one of their customers? Check it out.

We’re so grateful to be part of an ever-expanding community of people who share our vision and commitment to support women who are changing the world, building wealth, giving back, and believing in the beauty–and the power–of their dreams. It’s the only way change ever happens. And in a world of uncertainties, it’s the one thing we know for sure.

Thank you for being with us on this journey. We wish you and your loved ones health, happiness, and great accomplishments in 2022!

The GingerBread Capital Team
Linnea, Ita, Katherine, Olivia, Jeanie, Cary, & Danielle