Cover Story: Smitten’s Robyn Sue Fisher

Have you seen the latest issue of Silicon Valley Modern Luxury magazine? Our favorite ice cream, Smitten and its delightful purveyor Robyn Sue Fisher are the cover feature!

Smitten is one of the companies in the GingerBread portfolio. And we love the story of how it came to be, as recounted by GBC Founder & CEO Linnea Roberts in the article.

Last November, Linnea invited Robyn to dinner at her home outside San Francisco, along with 40 other women who, like Roberts, want to invest in women-led businesses. Robyn brought along her famous ice cream machine, the Brrr®, and whipped up a batch for dessert. The guests were smitten.

“She was a huge hit,” says Roberts, who ultimately coordinated a group to invest in Smitten earlier this year. While there are other businesses that purport to make ice cream in a similar fashion, there’s a distinct “difference between liquid nitrogen technology with a mix that’s full of crap versus using real ingredients,” Roberts adds.

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“We combine the love of food...and farmer’s market freshness with the tech element to enable both scale and precision. I call it new old-fashioned.”
Robyn Sue Fisher